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Train buston movie release
Train to Busan (Hangul: 부산행; RR: Busanhaeng) is a 2016 South Korean zombie apocalypse horror thriller film directed by Yeon Sang-ho and starring Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi and Ma Dong-seok. The film had its premiere in the Midnight Screenings section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival on 13 May. On 7 August, the film set a record as the first Korean film of 2016 to break the audience record with over 10 million theatergoers.

An animated prequel, Seoul Station, was released less than a month later. The film serves as a reunion for Gong Yoo and Jung Yu-mi who both starred in the 2011 film The Crucible.Source Wikipeda

Movie Details:

Movie Name :Train to Busan
Hangul :부산행
Hanja :釜山行
Romanization :Busanhaeng
Directed by :Yeon Sang-ho
Produced by :Lee Dong-ha
Written by :Park Joo-suk
Starring :Gong Yoo,Ma Dong-seok,Jung Yu-mi,Kim Su-an,Kim Eui-sung,Choi Woo-shik,Ahn So-hee
Music by :Jang Young-gyu
Cinematography :Lee Hyung-deok
Edited by :Yang Jin-mo
company :Next Entertainment World
RedPeter Film
Distributed by :Next Entertainment World (South Korea),Well Go USA Entertainment (United States),StudioCanal (United Kingdom)
Release dates :13 May 2016 (Cannes),20 July 2016 (South Korea),22 July 2016 (United States),28 October 2016 (United Kingdom),24 November 2016 (Chile)
Running time:118 minutes
Country :South Korea
Language :Korean

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Badges of Fury

Badges of Fury 2016 Full Movie Watch Onlne & Download hd

Movie Information:

Badges of Fury (Chinese: 不二神探; pinyin: Bù èr shéntàn; Jyutping: Bat1 Ji6 San6 Taam3, also known as The One Detective)is a 2013 Chinese-Hong Kong[2] action comedy film directed by Wong Tsz-ming in his directorial debut. The film stars Jet Li and Wen Zhang in their third collaboration after Ocean Heaven and The Sorcerer and the White Snake. The film was theatrically released on 21 June 2013.Source Wikipedia

Movie Details:

Movie name :Badges of Fury
Traditional :不二神探
Simplified :不二神探
Mandarin :Bú Èr Shén Tàn
Cantonese :Bat1 Ji6 San6 Taam3
Directed by :Wong Tsz-ming
Produced by :Chui Po Chu
Screenplay by :Carbon Cheung
Starring :Jet Li,Wen Zhang,Michelle Chen,Cecilia Liu,Ada Liu
Music by :Raymond Wong
Cinematography :Kenny Tse
Release dates :21 June 2013
Running time :97 minutes
Country :China,Hong Kong
Language :Mandarin

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a chines odyessey part three

A Chinese Odyssey Part Three(2016) Full Movie Watch & Download hd


A Chinese Odyssey Part Three was released in China amidst the Mid-Autumn Festival from which it benefitted. The film opened Wednesday, September 14 and delivered $6.26 million on its first day. It climbed higher to $13.1 million on Thursday (due largely because the festival fell on this day) and held to $9.61 million on Friday (since Friday was also a holiday), before dropping to $5.71 million and The Age of Shadows.Source Wikipedia

Movie Details:

Movie name :A Chinese Odyssey Part Three(2016)
Chinese :大话西游3
Directed by :Jeffrey Lau
Production company:Chunqiu Shidai (Tianjin) Pictures
Distributed by :Horgos Chunqiu Time Media,Beijing Joy Pictures,Tianjing Yinhe Media,Huaxia Film Distribution
Release dates :September 14, 2016 (China)
Country :China,Hong Kong
Language :Mandarin
Budget :US$20 million
Box office :US$48.4 million


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Line Walker (2016) Watch Online & Download Hd


Line Walker is a 2016 Hong Kong-Chinese suspense crime action drama film, adapted from the 2014 TVB series of the same name. Directed by Jazz Boon and starring Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, Francis Ng; Charmaine Sheh, Benz Hui and Jimmy Au reprised their roles from the original drama.It was released in Hong Kong and in China on 11.Source Wikipedia

Movie Details:

Movie name :Line Walker (2016)
Chinese :使徒行者
Directed by:Jazz Boon
Starring :Nick Cheung,Louis Koo,Francis Ng,Charmaine Sheh
Music by :Yusuke Hatano
Production companies:Jiaying Pictures (Beijing),
Media Asia Film (Hong Kong),
One Cool Film (Hong Kong),Shanghai Croton Media
Shaw Brothers International Pictures (Hong Kong)
Television Broadcasts Limited (Hong Kong)
Tianxiayi Film Production
Release dates :11 August 2016
Running time :109 minutes[2] Country :Hong Kong,China
Language :Cantonese,Mandarin

Line Walker (2016) Watch Online & Download Hd

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